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SEO audit: detailed analysis of your search engine optimization.

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What is an SEO audit? (definition and explanations)

An SEO audit or web referencing audit checks the visibility of your website on search engines and identifies areas for improvement. The goal is to optimize the elements that will increase your site’s ranking in search engines and improve your traffic acquisition to close more sales, attract more prospects and much more.

Factors such as content and user experience are visible, while others such as code or page indexing may not be, but all play a role in your site’s performance. web. It is therefore very important to measure them during the SEO audit of your website. 

An SEO audit can also help you identify and fix technical issues that don’t meet Google and other search engine standards for performance, quality, and reliability.

In summary, the SEO audit allows you to determine the current strengths of your website and especially its areas for improvement. This analysis is also essential to direct your SEO strategy towards essential tasks and high-return projects.

The stages of an SEO audit of your website and its optimization for search engines

During an SEO audit, it is important to follow different steps in order to ensure that our SEO audit covers all the data used by search engines to rank our website in the SERP.

1. Crawling your website

The first step of an SEO audit is the crawling of your website is done using algorithms designed to check the indexing of pages, the different schema of a page, the redirections of urls, the robots file .txt, reading the sitemap.xml and much more…

2. SEO audit of user experience on mobile and desktop (UX)

The second step of the SEO audit is the examination of the user experience on mobile and on desktop is in good standing. User experience or UX is a very important factor in SEO, so it is very important to take it into account during an SEO audit. If a web page is not optimized for mobile, it can greatly affect your positioning on search engines.

3. Off-Site Analysis

The off-site SEO audit allows you to perform a complete analysis of the factors used for natural referencing outside of your website. For example, these factors may include, link toxicity, if there are broken links on your website, if you have a social media presence, if you have poor quality links, if your blog posts are optimized for web referencing, if your internal links are valid and if your backlink profile is good.

4. On-site SEO audit

Unlike the Off-Site analysis of the SEO audit, the technical audit aims to examine the various factors that can influence organic SEO on the pages and inside your website. During this step, the SEO audit also provides information on the validity of a canonical tag, the SEO audit also examines the H1 tag of each page and ensures that the site does not have a bad architecture.

What does the complete SEO report of an SEO audit consist of?

An SEO audit consists of several steps and pillars to create a detailed report on the state of your current website.

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The technical SEO audit

The technical audit of your website is essential in a complete seo audit since it will determine if your website or your online store has technical errors that can, for example, cause problems with the indexing of search engines. like Google and Bing.

SEO analysis of keyword strategy

An effective strategy will not be complete without a good keyword strategy. This is essential to the success of your success in organic referencing, which is why our SEO audit makes it possible to measure the performance of your keyword strategy.

Off-site SEO audit and backlinks strategy

In this section, our SEO audit tool allows you to assess the quality of backlinks and the best off-site SEO practices (outside the site in question). Our SEO audit will allow you to know if your site has toxic links and if bad practices are present on your website.

Concrete action plan to improve your SEO

Our team of SEO experts take care of creating a concrete action plan following your SEO audit. In this plan, you will get the recommendations of experts with several years of experience in natural referencing which will allow you to obtain more results with your SEO strategy.

Performance of your site

Every SEO strategy should take into account the overall performance of a website since it directly affects the user experience. During the SEO audit, we are able to determine if your website follows a good practice in terms of performance and if your website has good performance according to search engines.

frequently asked Questions

Consult the frequently asked questions during an SEO audit carried out by our web agency.

Several important factors can significantly influence the overall performance of your website. Some of these, like your engaging content and great user experience, are highly visible, while others, like your well-written code or well-indexed pages, are less visible.

A complete SEO technical audit allows you to identify all these crucial elements and adjust them if they do not meet the high performance, quality or reliability standards required by search engines.

In summary, an in-depth SEO audit allows you to identify the current strengths of your website and, above all, its areas for improvement. This comprehensive overview is also essential for organizing your SEO strategy around priority actions with great potential.

There are a multitude of tools that can be used to perform SEO analysis. The SEO tools used to carry out our SEO audit include:

  • SEMRush
  • GTMetrics
  • AHrefs

It is possible to do an SEO audit yourself using different paid software. SEMRush and AHrefs offer the option of performing an SEO audit in their respective packages.

To determine the ranking factors to be measured in the SEO audit, it is first essential to know the different factors that can have an influence on the SERP. Our team of SEO experts have identified over 4000 SEO factors that can influence rankings.

SEO audits can be paid. Some tools used in natural referencing like SEMRush, A hrefs, Screaming Frog and several others cost money in order to carry out a complete SEO audit.

At Jinnove, we offer everyone the opportunity to carry out a complete SEO audit completely free of charge and without obligation. You can fill out the form above to receive your seo analysis within the next 24 hours.